Ham Activities

Operating from shack in Salem, Oregon







My name is Terry Brown.  I have been a ham since 1982.  I was an SSB operator until 2008.  I then went QRT for 7 years because SSB grew stale for me for a variety of reasons.  With the help of four ham friends, I dusted off my old CW starting at 10 wpm and over the next 3 years increased my CW speed, with the help of the CWOps CW Academy,  up to the present level where CW operation is a real joy.

Below are some details about my Amateur Radio activities over the years.


Amateur Radio Information

  • Ham since 1982
  • Life Member ARRL
  • Former Faculty Advisor to Oregon State University Amateur Radio Club
  • Passion for CW and exclusive CW operator since 2016.
  • Level 1 Advisor for CWops CW Academy
  • Enjoy working any CW operator, from Beginner to 25+ wpm.
  • CW Memberships​
    • CWops – #1999
    • FISTS – #18281
    • NAQCC – #8105
    • ​SKCC – #18473T
  • Equipment
    • Elecraft K4D
    • ​KX3, PX3, KPXA100
    • Elecraft KX2
    • Elecraft K2
  • ​Antennas
    • Various EFHW, verticals and doublet antennas for portable ops.
    • Salem QTH – EFHW 80-10 and Mosley TA-33JR WARC for 10-12-15-17-20 on 35ft. Rohn 25G tower.
    • Newport QTH – End fed long wire
  • Favorite Operating Activities
    • ​CW including QRP
    • Portable Operations
    • Experimenting with antennas
    • ​Meeting new hams and reconnecting with old friends
  • ​QSL’s
    • ​Direct
    • LotW
    • eQsl